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  • Advice needed quickly
    So I am currently going through a divorce, we are doing a collaborative divorce. We had set custody to be extended weekends. I have recently discovered that my ex is doing drugs. I cannot in good conscience hand over my daughter to him for an overnight, he is threatning me… Read more »
  • I want to see my daughter
    My ex is..... A chore. She tries to manipulate me about seeing my daughter, won't let me get her if I don't give her what she wants. I pay child support, but not through the courts. My problem is that, when my daughter was born, mother was still married to… Read more »
  • Keeping a child for someone that isnt yours
    I know this is a long shot and probably isnt possible but just wanting to know what my options would be. So from The beginning, my younger brother has a problem drug problem, so hard to just let him hit rock bottom, well he started dating this girl with a… Read more »
  • Posting guidelines
    Here are some tips: Posts should contain a summary of the issue and a direct legal question. Include your location. In the US, include your state; in Canada, include your province. Mention the details if there are any existing custody orders. submitted by /u/jupc [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Stepparent adoption - Biodad objection
    Also posted in legal advice In July 2018 my now husband and I reached out to my daughters biological father to allow my husband to adopt my daughter. Her biological father has not seen her in 4 years. He has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Bio dad has… Read more »
  • Voluntary Transfer of Custody (very long complicated UK-US mess)
    I am in a truly bizarre situation. There's a lot of context and I don't know what the hell is and isn't relevant. Feel free to skip to the end and just answer the questions generally if you can. I'm from Florida, and many years ago, I met an English… Read more »