Recent Issues

  • Fiance keeps getting paperwork for child support
    My fiance and I have been together for going on seven years. We have a two-year-old son together. the local child support office keeps sending paperwork and harassing wanting information on my location although we live together so they can stick child support on me strictly because we're not married.… Read more »
  • Advice needed. Please help
    Hello, im not good at this/dont know where to start... just trying to get straight to the point. Live in California. I am a young father. I Have a child. 50/50 split custody. I pay child support. We are split (obviously) Around 3 weeks ago, my child informed me that… Read more »
  • How to find good aggressive attorney
    I need to replace my current attorney before I end up losing my kids. I was just trying to relocate, which my ex claimed to agree too, then he changed his mind (but didn’t tell me), hired an attorney, and went straight passed merely objecting, he’s trying to remove me… Read more »
  • How do they fight this craziness???
    I’ve had the worst luck when it comes to choosing the right people to provide a service, if you want to know who not to choose, ask me. My current bad choice is (supposed) to be representing me in a child relocation case, but it has gotten completely out of… Read more »
  • Parenting plan and no contact order
    Hello, I live in Washington state and I have a 5 year no contact order that will be coming to an end in 2021. I went to court to have my parenting plan modified back in November and two of the terms were: My sons father and I can only… Read more »
  • About to lose my shit!!!! Again
    I've (30yo/M) been to court 3 times for my youngest son (8). First two times won 50/50 physical and joint custody no child support. This most recent time 60/40 split physical. 50/50 joint, some child support.. My child's mother brought up she wanted to moved states (Florida) and take my… Read more »