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  • St. John's NL (visitation)
    I haven't been able to see my daughter for a couple months. I've done everything child services has ask. Now they say Sept. 2019. Can they do this? Can some one guide me in the right direction. I do not have five grand for a lawyer, and legal aid appt… Read more »
  • Can I do this?
    I have been unable to see or speak to my son for the past 7 months, even though we have a signed order from the courts. I am going to file a motion of contempt, however I am disabled and cannot afford an attorney this time around. I used my… Read more »
  • [CT] Ex-Wife bringing potentially abusive boyfriend to her supervised visitation
    Hi All, A quick background on the situation: I [28M] have sole physical custody and joint legal (with me having the final say) of a 19-month-old girl. I and my ex-wife have been divorced since February of this year and I've had sole physical custody through DCF in Juvenile court… Read more »
  • Single mom seeking custody advice
    About my situation: I am a single mother to an infant fathered by an abusive man. I am planning to file custody for my child this week. The father has become increasingly verbally abusive. He blocks me on everything, then threatens to call the police on me if I don't… Read more »
  • Ex wife decided that she wants to go to court to change our custody agreement that was signed off on by a judge 5 years ago.
    Long story short, I have my child every weekend (Friday evening to Sunday evening) and she gets him during the week as stated by our divorce decree. Out of the blue she calls and say she wants to take him every other weekend leaving me with him just 2 weekends… Read more »
  • [WA] video recording of abuse admissible?
    I may or may not have videos(with audio I can take off) of my girlfriend kicking, slapping, and man handling our children like rag dolls. And she probably doesn’t know it, if I do. I’ve filed papers to begin a case for a parenting plan. My attorney agrees with me… Read more »