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  • Advice needed: history of domestic issues & property trespass
    I will try my best to simplify this situation. This topic is in Cook County, IL. My family owns a home in Cook County, Illinois. Years ago, my grandparents bought the house directly next door to my family/parents. My family has owned their home for 25+ years. Grandparents also own… Read more »
  • [FLORIDA] COVID Custody Exchanges Other Parent Having Visitors
    As the title states, we are in Florida and dealing with custody exchange while under shelter in place. We have tried to work things out with the ex, but we are seriously considering ending exchanges until this is over. We have sent messages to my spouse's ex asking them not… Read more »
  • Trying to help my fiancé who is torn with her decision to go against a visitation order during this Covid 19 Pandemic.
    This is her story.... Hi since the Covid 19 virus got serious and my home state of Minnesota’s Governor implementing the order to stay home I’ve went against a visitation order and not allowed my daughter to go with her father. I’ve got full physical custody and her father and… Read more »
  • Can I be protected from my partners ex?
    My fiance has a son with his ex partner who is 2.5 years old and are still in the midst of a very messy custody battle. I have never spoken to her, or met her, and yet she targets me in her position statements as “aggressive” , “creepy” , “special… Read more »
  • Another COVID-19 timesharing post, FL
    My ex-wife and I have a court order wherein I have majority custody of our 13 year old daughter. I (father) have the majority of the custody and the mom/ex-wife commutes 3hrs to come and pick her up every other weekend. FL state just announced the stay at home order.… Read more »
  • Can you apply for family leave BEFORE child is born?
    I have a due date, and a name. He will be born this week. Do I need to wait? submitted by /u/Questions12345bark [link] [comments] Read more »