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  • TEXAS childs father lied about identity, marriage, I’m terrified??
    submitted by /u/lovinglincoln [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Leaving state with 2 month old
    My ex and I are currently living together and have a 2 month old. I badly want to move to Florida to be with my family. I don't trust my ex and believe he is secretly trying to gain custody of our child. What should I prepare for if I… Read more »
  • I want my daughter in my life but I’m in IL and she’s in CA
    At the end of March my ex left and had my daughter with her. I couldn’t afford my apartment on my own and had no where else to go (she moved in with her sister where she took my daughter), my “sister” and her husband offered me to come out… Read more »
  • FL. Re: Child Support Arrears calculations
    Florida: Existing C.S. Order that includes arrears. The current child support calculations were filed with the court but the arrears calculations were not filed, only an amount due was stated in court. I do not know how the arrears were calculated or for how long they are to be paid.… Read more »
  • Where to file for child support
    My ex lives in a different state (US - TX & MN) than I do, should I be filing for child support in my state or his? Thanks in advance! submitted by /u/oldenoughtobeyourmom [link] [comments] Read more »
  • [AZ] Grandparents Rights
    Seeking advice on Grandparents vs Parents Rights. To give a background; Child was born out of wedlock, my girlfriend and I were living with my parents and they helped take care of my son but I was still actively involved in my child’s life, my girlfriend and I broke up… Read more »