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  • Divorce settlement - California
    Hi, first post here. I'm currently in the process of getting divorced in California. The divorce is amicable and I thought we'd pretty much agreed on the settlement. We're sharing an attorney, as there didn't seem the need for both of us hiring one, and my ex made the first… Read more »
  • Want to enlist.
    Hello, I am a (28) male and am divorced with full custody of my (4) son. My ex-wife has been MIA completely for about 2 years and extremely spotty prior to that. I have a fiancé althought im pretty sure that we are common law married in the state of… Read more »
  • Someone please help me.
    I (26M) don’t no what to do about (24F) wife I’m gonna try to make this as short as possible but it may be kind of hard. I (26M) have been battling (in my eyes) my (24F) wife cheating on me for a little over 2 years now. (I know… Read more »
  • Custody change after arrest - AK
    TL;DR: Bio-dad with history of alcohol abuse and arrests got a DUI with our daughter in the vehicle. Want to possibly shift rights and responsibilities to step dad who is already psychological dad and doing all the actual parenting. Any other options I'm not considering? For about 5-6 years now… Read more »
  • Where to start searching or finding advice on a complicated divorce settlement from Florida now in New York
    Totally destroyed in Florida and basically never honored anything in the divorce now another child from same man and all parties in New York. Too many details but basically is it possible to get advice on challenging the old divorce since it was never followed and never in my favor… Read more »
  • My home is inherited and my new wife is demanding concerning things with the deed.
    My brother and I inherited a home from my parents. I've been living in the home for the past 2 years, it was empty for 5 years. My brother wants nothing to do with it other than his share of the money eventually, he's not in a rush. I got… Read more »