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  • Inheritance. Does one just sit and wait?
    Hello. Am in California and I received a letter saying I am entitled to an inheritance left to me by a family friend. I’ve never inherited anything before; does anyone know if I need to do anything?? Or do I just wait? submitted by /u/aintn0bodygotime4dat [link] [comments] Read more »
  • Are suffixes legally required?
    Hi all- if someone is a father (I.e Edgar Alan Poe- father) has a baby boy, and he named him Edgar Alan Poe, must he be legally required to add the suffix junior? Alternatively is it legally required that the baby be named the second (II)? Basically- can they both… Read more »
  • California DV Hearing - Denied Trial, Not Allowed Proper Discovery, Help?
    TRO was initially granted to the petitioner. Petitioner was very vague in statements written, with no declarations attached, no witnesses suggested, and no texts/evidence. My response was built entirely on the statements in the initial TRO served. My response showed massive contradictions in what was written and what was fact.… Read more »
  • I need help with visitation on an Out Of State custody agreement
    I divorced 7 years ago and have a son with my ex-wife. I remarried and now have two more children with my current wife. My custody/child support agreement was made when I lived in the same town and made significantly less money. Now I live 250 miles away and make… Read more »
  • The ex strikes again
    My SO has just been served papers stating that he is currently in violation of two sections of their agreement. Meanwhile she herself, has been in a few violations. Not to mention told him to “go die” and hit him with her vehicle. He doesn’t want to get a lawyer… Read more »
  • Help Please! CPS is starting reunification to unfit parents and will not listen to the concerns from family or CASA (TX)
    CLOSE r/legaladvice •Posted by u/IcyWedding3 1 hour ago I originally posted to another legal forum but thought this one might be better suited for our situation. I am currently a kinship caregiver of my cousins to children. My cousin tested positive for meth when given a probationary drug test. At… Read more »