Recent Issues

  • My husband threatened to kill me and I caught it on video
    My husband had a breakdown a few days ago (these tend to happen once every few months). Usually he is really vicious with his words and says whatever he can to hurt me. (In no one without him, my family is trash, etc.) However the other day he was so… Read more »
  • In a sticky situation
    I live in Hawaii Both my parents are unfit, and my father acknowledges that but my mothers mentally ill and is in denial. My parents are separated but still legally married, my mother is currently incarcerated for 120 days . My father is willing to give my older sister in… Read more »
  • Filing a show cause(?) for visitation order
    I'll give you some background. I filed to establish a visitation schedule a year and a half ago with my son. The judge ordered me and my son to go to counseling first. I was arrested shortly after that, did about a year and now I'm out and in drug… Read more »
  • Ex pulled a 180
    TLDR : I have been blindsided by someone who I thought was my co parent, and I need to prepare for a custody battle that he is positive he will win, and I am in a world of unknown and I need help. When we split 3 years ago, my… Read more »
  • Legal Advice for Jerry Springer-worthy issue
    need the services of a lawyer familiar with family law, though my situation is unique. It boils down to me needing to have my child's biological father put on her birth certificate. There are a few issues that stand in the way, though. I was married to someone when she… Read more »
  • I need help
    I apologize for any typos, or poorly worded sentences. I use speech to text primarily, and lately speech-to-text has been making a lot of mistakes. Not me though. I'm perfect 🙂 (hey, let me have that one okay? 🙂 ) I'm in Ontario, Canada. Ever since my ex girlfriends daughter… Read more »